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In its eighteenth year the Tennessee Environmental Conference is planned by a committee representing academia, industry, government and community organizations who have a vested interest in improving health, environment and our economy in Tennessee.

Photo Name Phone Email Role
Mark Braswell (423) 854-5459 Mark.Braswell@tn.gov Planning Committee Chair
Robin Cleary (423) 392-8814 Rcleary@kingsportchamber.org Planning Committee, Marketing
Jan Compton (423) 854-5417 Jan.Compton@tn.gov Speaker Committee Chairman et al
Chris Craig (423) 722-5091 ccraig@ftdd.org Planning Committee, Exhibitor Setup
Debbie England (423) 854-5406 Debbie.England@tn.gov Speaker Liaison, Guidebook, Agenda, Program
Richard Guinn (423) 854-5404 Judy.Jarrett@tn.gov Registration, Treasurer et al
Judy Jarrett (423) 854-5404 Judy.Jarrett@tn.gov Registration, Treasurer et al
Jennifer Reynolds (423) 638-4111 KGB@greenecop.com Planning Committee, Facility et al
Donna Robbins (423) 979-4655 Donna.G.Robbins@tn.gov Speaker Committee: Health Track
Phil Scheuerman (423) 439-7078 philsche@etsu.edu Planning and Speaker Committees