Kingsport Redevelopment and Recreation Tour

Wednesday March 14

2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Do you think you know Kingsport? Well maybe not. What did this building / property / road used to be? What is it now? Lynn Tully, Development Services Director for the City will be leading a guided tour showing how Kingsport is transforming to a vibrant livable community with an engaging interactive tour of a place you may think you know. Hidden jewels and new destinations, you just may not know how it's being changed presently and in the future!

Join us for a little fun, ice cream and drinks on the water, local farm to table fare, and maybe a ride on a flying pig? 

Sign up today to join Lynn for a fun and informative tour of the City. This separate registration is limited so be sure to click here or the button below to reserve your seat on the bus!

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Bill and the Belles

Join us Tuesday March 13, 2018, at 8:50 a.m. to experience a special musical opening,Soundtrack of America: Made in Tennessee performed by Bill and the Belles. Bill and the Belles offer a "contemporary re-imagining of a bygone era, a vocal-centric performance that breathes new life into the sounds of early country music". They will be the opening to keynote speaker Kevin Triplett, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development presentation on Soundtrack of America: Made in Tennessee

Bill and the Belles perfectly exemplify a central theme created by the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development Soundtrack of America: Made in Tennessee. Highlighting Tennessee’s rich musical heritage, the Tennessee Department of Tourism incorporated Soundtrack of America: Made in Tennessee to tie together the important progress made to increase tourism to the state of Tennessee.

What began as a project to explore the space created between hillbilly and urban, between vaudeville and down home, has arrived somewhere entirely new. Bill and the Belles offers a contemporary reimagining of a bygone era, a vocal-centric performance that breathes new life into the sounds of early country music. At the foothills of the Blue Ridge and the forefront of old-time music, Bill and the Belles continue to further the music traditions of their region. From sentimental Southern ballads to the popular songs of Tin Pan Alley to regional fiddle breakdowns, a Bill and the Belles show is a celebration of the diversity country music once represented.

Bill and the Belles play alongside America’s top roots music artists as the house band for the historic radio program Farm and Fun Time presented by Radio Bristol and the Birthplace of Country Music. Lifelong musicians Kris TruelsenGrace Van’t HofKalia Yeagle, and Karl Zerfas bring to the stage an uplifting show unlike any other, full of humor, high spirits, and all-around revelry. It’s clear this group shares a rare musical connection and deep love for the music, and their excitement is contagious.

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Tourism and Tennessee
Tourism and Tennesse.png

The work of Kevin Triplett and the Department of Tourist Development (TDTD) captures the message of the Tennessee Environmental Conference of  "Improving Our Public Health and Environment through Smart Choices". Tourism is intrinsically linked with health, industry, economic development, and the environment.

The U.S. travel and tourism industry generated over $1.5 trillion in economic output in 2016, accounting for 11% percent of all U.S. exports and 33% of all U.S. service exports.[1] Tennessee Department of Tourist Development works to increase the benefit of this growing industry for Tennesseans as well as the domestic and international travelers visiting our great state. In 2016, Tennessee saw $19.3 Billion in travel expenditures.[2]  Additionally, 2016 gained $1.7 Billion in state and local tax revenue.[3] The money generated through tourism effects the entire State of Tennessee with all 95 counties seeing more than $1 million in the economic impact.[4]

Soundtrack to America: Made in Tennessee encourages outdoor recreation by providing detailed guides for outdoor experiences such as rock climbing, cycling, hiking, and more to encourage the enjoyment of Tennessee’s beautiful natural resources. Additionally, Play Tennessee seeks to lead the country in sports tourism through a membership-based organization of sports industry partners from across the state working together to attract, retain and grow sporting events within the state.[5] TDTD also works in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Health in establishing walking trails at welcome centers across the state.[6]

The Environment plays a critical role in tourism, especially for Tennessee whose natural beauty attracts numerous tourists both international and domestic. The I-40 Haywood County Welcome is located on the West Tennessee solar farm. Built to be energy efficient, the Visitor Center hosts an exhibit to educate guests on the benefits of renewable energy and solar power.[7] Furthermore, TDTD has teamed up with Keep TN Beautiful to help eliminate and minimize litter at Visitor Centers as a way to keep tourism in Tennessee sustainable. 


Economic Impact of Travel on Tennessee Counties

The Soundtrack of America: Made in Tennessee


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Industry and Energy Track

Join Us for the Industry & Energy Track

Melissa Trimble of Troutman Sanders LLP will provide an update on both current and anticipated developments under the new administration related to New Source Review reform, the Clean Power Plan, and the 2015 ozone standard, and other clean Air Act Topics of interest.  

Michelle Carder of Eastman Chemical Company speaks about the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Final Rule. Effective May 30, 2017, she will discuss the reorganization of the existing rule including additional requirements for generators in terms of additional record keeping, notifications, labeling, Emergency Preparedness and Planning.

Eastman has been recognized by the EPA six consecutive years as an ENERGY STAR® under the leadership of Sharon Nolen, Manager, Global Natural Resource Management. Eastman Chemical Company has a long history of successfully implementing energy efficient projects. As technical gains have been achieved, the company has recognized that more innovative and often collaborative techniques are required to move the nationally recognized energy program to the next level.  The presentation will include a description of how Eastman's energy program is firmly plugged in the company's sustainability program and other beneficial partnerships. 

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Economic Development Track
Economic Development.png

Join us for the 2018 TNEC Economic Development track.

Economic Development Track


Join us for the 2018 TNEC Economic Development Track.


The Economic Development Track looks at the important relationships between economic development, environment, and health. Presenters emphasize the importance and profitability of making smart environmental and health choices in our communities.


Stephen Brooks - Division Chief, Federal Law Enforcement discusses the necessary paradigm shift to stop viewing of solid waste as "trash", but rather a commodity with monetary value in today's market place.


Louis Trivette and Allen Hawk from the USDA will present on improving the economy and quality of life for rural Americans by supporting business loans and providing technical assistance and information to agricultural producers and cooperatives, as well as providing technical assistance to help communities undertake community empowerment programs. 


TVA is a federal agency and subject to the Endangered Species Act (ESA). TVA actions routinely involve tree removal. TVA has experienced a growing increase in project-specific ESA consultation related to bats and trees over the last several years. Holly LeGrand will present on the programmatic bat strategy developed by TVA to improve time, cost, consistency, and predictability using TVA's existing environmental review process, existing conservation practices, and conservation funding that is generated and managed in-house.

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Environment, Industry, Energy Track
Health, Environment, Industry, Energy.png

Join us for the 2018 TNEC Regulatory Track!

Stay current with presentations on the important regulatory program info. Speakers from TDEC and EPA will discuss important Federal and State regulatory updates.

Additionally, presentations will look at ongoing activities within the divisions as well as future initiatives.  Learn about organizational priorities, policy changes (as applicable), as well as any recent developments.


Tennessee Division of Underground Storage Tanks

- Stan Boyd - Director -  


Tennessee Division of Solid Waste Management Update

- Pat Flood - Director -


Tennessee Division of Water Resources Update

- Tisha Calabrese-Benton - Director -


USEPA Region IV Air Quality Update

- Beverly Banister - Director: Air, Pesticides, and Toxic Management Division -


Tennessee Division of Air-Pollution Control Updates

- Michelle Walker-Owenby - Director -





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Crisis Communication for Public Health and the Environment Workshop
It is not a matter of “if” a crisis will happen, it’s “when” it will happen.
— Andy Likes, Senior VP of the Vandiver Group, LLC

Are you and your organization ready for a crisis?  From natural disasters and chemical spills to tire issues and workplace incidents, crisis events happen every day.  It’s not a matter of if one will happen, its when.  Do you have a plan?  Do you know who your spokesperson will be?  Who will be running your social media accounts?  This session will examine why crisis communications is different from everyday language and why your key messages must be different.  Crisis communications is all about time and managing it the right way.  We’ll discuss what the media and the general public need to hear from you and your organization.  You need to plan for every stage of a crisis, pre-event, during the event, and following the event when you are working to get your organization’s image and reputation back in place.  This session will give you ideas to take back to the office and implement with your team.


As a part of 2018 Tennessee Environmental Conference, Andy Likes, Senior Vice President of The Vandiver Group, LLC and chair for the americas crisis team for proi worldwide, will be hosting a hands-on crisis communication for public health and the environment workshop.

Emmy-winning TV producer, turned PR professional with more than two decades of experience across broadcast journalism and public relations. Extensive experience in media relations, crisis communications, executive training and coaching, video production and voice-overs, meeting facilitation and focus groups, strategic planning, social media and overall PR.

Vice Chairman, Americas Crisis Group, PROI Worldwide, one of the largest independent networks of public relations professionals in the world.

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Materials Management Workshop
Materials Management Workshop Final.png

Materials Management Workshop

Materials Management Workshop flyer 2018_.png

Hosted by TDEC's Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) & Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices (OPSP)

The 2018 Tennessee Environmental Conference will feature a unique Materials Management Workshop offered to highlight a myriad of customer-focused grant, recognition, training and assistance type programs offered by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.  Professionals will give an overview of each program and be present to answer one-on-one specific questions following the event.  Many have been waiting for the online platform allowing businesses and organizations to connect and find reuse and recycling solutions for waste and by-product materials. The Tennessee Materials Marketplace is now live and this workshop is your opportunity to join us to learn how it works and get signed up. Best of all, the workshop is a complimentary addition to the traditional conference agenda and is open to the public. Registration is required for seating and reception planning. Please join us for this exclusive networking and learning opportunity!  

Hosted by TDEC’s Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM)

Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices (OPSP)



 2:00-3:00 Grant & Recognition Options

-         Compost (Robert Wadley, DSWM)

-         Get Food Smart, TN (Jan Compton, OPSP)

-         Tires (Bob Fletcher, DSWM)

-         Tires (Thomas McGill, OPSP)

3:00-3:40 Training (Patrick Mulligan, DSWM)

3:40-3:55 Break

3:55-5:30 TN Materials Marketplace (Vincent Leray, DSWM & Vaughn Cassidy, OPSP)

5:30-7:00 Reception



TN Environmental Conference, March 12, 2018

Meadowview Conference Resort and Convention Center

1901 Meadowview Parkway

Kingsport, TN 37660

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2018 Keynote Speaker Bob Martineau

Robert “Bob” Martineau was selected seventh Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam in January 2011. Martineau’s intellect, drive, commitment and affinity for Tennessee are evident in his work as commissioner. He leads TDEC with a results-focused approach emphasizing:
•outstanding customer service,
•outreach and proactive education, and
•effective partnerships to strengthen environmental protection in Tennessee.

His environmental leadership at TDEC has been recognized at the national level as he was elected by his peers as President for the Environmental Council of the States, the national association of state environmental officers. This is the first time a head of TDEC has been elected to any top leadership post at ECOS. As a respected voice, he has testified before Congress, sharing the states’ perspective on emerging environmental issues like modernizing the Clean Air Act, regulation of coal ash, and the balance of responsibilities between states and federal government in environmental management.

Commissioner Martineau has spent more than 30 years as an attorney in the field of environmental law. This includes seven years of service in the Office of General Counsel for the U.S. EPA in Washington, D.C. (1988-1994) and 16 years as a partner in private practice at the Waller law firm in Nashville where he was recognized in Best Lawyers in America and Chambers USA for his expertise in environmental law. In private practice, Martineau helped clients, including business and local government, anticipate issues proactively, navigate permit processes, solve problems and establish effective environmental management programs. He was co-editor of American Bar Association’s The Clean Air Act Handbook and has authored a variety of substantive articles on critical environmental topics. He also co-authored a newly published book “Plain English for Drafting Statutes and Rules.” In October 2014, he was also recognized by his peers in the environmental law world when he was named a Fellow in the American College of Environmental Lawyers.

Martineau is a  former council member of the Section of Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law of the American Bar Association. He is a graduate of Leadership Nashville and also active in the community, currently serving on the Board of the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands. He is past president of the Tennessee Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and First Steps. In November 2013, the Women's Political Collaborative of Tennessee honored Commissioner Martineau by officially naming him a recipient of their annual Good Guy Award due his outstanding advocacy of women, women's issues and the community. In October 2014, the Nashville Business Journal named him one of the "Most Admired CEOs" in the region.

Commissioner Martineau earned his law degree at the University of Cincinnati and holds an undergraduate degree from St. John’s University (Minnesota). He enjoys an occasional round of golf at any of the Tennessee State Parks’ golf courses, sharing his popular "Where to Eat in Nashville" guide and entertaining friends and family with his wife, Pamela Eddy.

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Kevin Triplett Invited to be 2018 Keynote Speaker
commissioner_kevin_triplett pic.jpg

Commissioner Kevin Triplett

Tennessee Department of Tourist Development

Kevin Triplett was appointed in April, 2015 to the cabinet of Governor Bill Haslam as commissioner of Tourist Development. Tourist Development is Tennessee’s No. 2 industry, bringing $19.3 billion in economic impact to the state, and more than $1.7 billion in state and local sales tax revenue. Prior to joining Gov. Haslam’s team, Triplett served Bristol Motor Speedway as vice-president of public affairs, overseeing government and community relations, special initiatives such as tourism and community relationships, and development. Before joining BMS in January 2005, Triplett worked for NASCAR, the sport’s sanctioning body from March 1994 until June 2003, beginning in the public relations department, overseeing several of NASCAR’s 50th Anniversary projects. He ended his tenure with NASCAR as managing director of business operations. The East Tennessee State University graduate previously managed media and public relations for several NASCAR sponsors, teams and drivers, including Dale Earnhardt. Triplett and his wife Jill have two children - Lucas William and Sarah Grace.


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2017 Keynote Speaker Selected

Mitch Jackson is vice president of FedEx Corporation’s Environmental Affairs and Sustainability. He develops the sustainability strategy and vision to ensure that FedEx minimizes its environmental footprint while still delivering outstanding customer service. He also provides the environmental sustainability perspective on larger projects and initiatives so that FedEx keeps its eco-advantage.

Jackson spearheaded the implementation of hybrid-electric vehicles for FedEx, launching commercial hybrids in the marketplace. In conjunction with the FedEx Government Affairs department, he was instrumental in successfully pushing legislation for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards in commercial trucking.

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